Growing up, I was always fascinated with capturing moments in time. I was drawn to photography because it's a powerful tool to create a shared experience, a way to tell a story to someone who wasn't there. A photo can capture a moment that can touch a person's life and I hope that my photos can touch yours as well. 


Wondering why there's a page dedicated to animals? I've been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer at North Shore Animal League America to work with these wonderful animals and get behind the lens to help adopters see their potential lifelong friends outside of the cage.

The initial difference between an adopter and a volunteer is the amount of time spent with the dogs.  I seek to stitch the pieces together for someone else to appreciate: an afternoon rolling in the grass, an expression of pure joy in a doggie pool-- moments that provide a window to the future of what dogs could be with tender love and care. I hope that my photography can inspire others to volunteer and allow adopters to see the dogs for who they really are.