North Shore Animal League Adoptathon 2016

On April 30th - May 1st I had the privilege of participating in my 6th Adoptathon at North Shore Animal League America (NSAL). Adoptathon is a 36 hour adoption event held every year at our Port Washington shelter where a fun time can be had by all, while finding their new best friend. 

As a volunteer at NSAL, I get to meet so many different people and make so many furry friends and I am proud to say I helped with the 577 adoptions that occurred in this 36 hour window. That's 1,154 animals rescued. That's right, for every animal that is adopted, multiply it by two. That cage of the adopted animal is now free for another rescue.

Volunteering has helped me in so many ways. The dogs help me to empathize. I share experiences with adopters. I develop my photography as I try to come up with creative ways to show the online world my furry friends in their best light. I also get to meet some pretty cool people (thanks Edie Falco :) ). People say time is money. I say time is life. Use that time and volunteer at your local shelter. No excuses. With passion, there's purpose. Now stop reading this and get moving!

Ted Lim